Timber retaining Walls central coast

Quality and affordable retaining walls to enhance your property.

Enhance the look and value of your property by investing in a quality timber retaining walls Central Coast. Your new garden wall can create more usable space, keep soil back from your home or simply provide a beautiful border to your garden.

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Retaining Wall Gosford

Timber Retaining Walls Central Coast with steel posts

Once we construct your wood retaining wall on the Central Coast NSW you can choose to leave it looking natural to blend in with your garden or paint to create a feature.

You can use steel posts which sit flatter against the wood retaining wall and does not take up as much space in your backyard.

Timber retaining wall drainage is important and we take this into account when we construct your wall. We are happy to explain the drainage system to you.

Terraced Timber retaining wall 

A terraced retaining wall helps you to make the best use of space in your garden, especially if you have a sloping back yard.

You  can create a garden to enhance the look of your property. You can paint your garden wall to blend in with your surrounding or go bold to make your Central Coast garden wall stand out.

Wood retaining wall Erina
Retaining wall with wooden post Wyong

Treated Pine Retaining Wall Central Coast with wood posts

Your treated pine retaining wall can also have wood posts. You choose whether you wish to have steel or wooden posts for your retaining wall, we can provide advice in regards to the best option for your project. We are able to provide a quote for both options.



Wood Retaining Wall with Steps 

If you require steps for your timber retaining wall Central Coast we are able to help. Our retaining walls experts are able to discuss with you your requirements.


Retaining wall steps Gosford

Retaining Wall Repair Central Coast

If you are in the process of deciding on the best option for you, give us a call and we will discuss your retaining wall ideas. Contact us now for a time that suits you. A retaining wall repair Central Coast will enhance the look of your property.