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There are a number of issues that require a retaining wall repair Central Coast. Have you had parts of your wall break off? Has the wall developed a lean due to the pressure of the soil? Your wall may collapse unexpectedly if the soil may is exerting too much pressure on on your retaining wall. 

Quality Retaining walls are able to provide advice on your retaining wall repair  on the beautiful Central Coast.

Timber retaining walls last over 20 years if constructed properly. However, when planning to build your retaining wall you need to consider a drainage system.  Proper drainage is essential to ensure that water does not pool at the bottom of your wall and cause it to rot which will reduce the life of your wall.

Act quickly when you notice a problem because this increases the chance your timber retaining wall repaired. The broken or rotten sections may be able to be replaced instead of the entire retaining wall.

If you take no action you may not be able to fix the retaining wall and it may need to be replaced.

Quality Retaining Walls are able to provide a quote on your Retaining Wall Repair on the Central Coast, contact us for a time that suits you.


Replace Retaining Wall Gosford


At Quality Retaining  Walls we discuss with you whether to repair or replace your retaining wall based on it’s condition.

This retaining wall had been in place for over 20 years. However, it was beginning to crack, had  bulges in places and parts had fallen off. We discussed with the owner the options available. This included replacing the retaining wall completely or replacing the wall in stages to allow for budget. 

We provided an obligation free quote for two stages. This allowed the owner maximum flexibility in choosing how to repair their retaining wall.

The owner decided to replace the wall in one stage. The deterioration of the wall was quite extensive and they decided to action before further issues occurred. 

Retaining Wall Gosford


The picture on the left is the same retaining wall as above after it has been placed. The owner opted for a timber retaining wall with steel posts. It also has caps on the top of the retaining wall.

The owner is happy with the end result and they no longer have any worries that the wall is going to collapse. 

The retaining wall was of varying heights. It replaced an existing retaining wall and therefore council approval was not required to proceed. 

Quality Retaining Walls builders are happy to help if council approval is required. 

We are retaining wall builders and are proud of our work. All our retaining walls come with a warranty.  

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do retaining walls require a drainage system?

The simple answer is yes. Over time the constant pressure of saturated soil will cause a retaining wall to fail. A proper drainage system will extend the life of your retaining wall.

If water saturates the soil or backfill behind the wall, the pressure over time will cause bulges and cracking within your garden wall. Quality Retaining Wall ensures that a proper drainage system is installed for all new retaining walls.



Our tradies will provide a free itemised quote for your retaining wall for your Central Coast backyard. Full understanding of council regulations means you can get it right the first time. If you wish to proceed we agree upon a date that we can get started. 


Competitive Pricing

We aim to provide competitive prices for your new retaining wall and will recommend different options to suit your budget.

Retaining Wall Repair Central Coast

If you are in the process of deciding on the best option for you, give us a call and we will discuss your retaining wall ideas. Contact us now for a time that suits you. A retaining wall repair Central Coast will enhance the look of your property.